Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Missing in action...

Now normally at this time of the year, I would be at the EDEN reception by now, pressing the flesh, drinking all the wine and generally making a reet nuisance of myself. There was a book launch tonight (I have a chapter in it, so I hope Andras, that I will get to see a copy?) and probably some more deserving scholars were inducted into fellowship of EDEN. I was 'done' along with the likes of Sally Reynolds and Ulf-Daniel Ehlers last year, and I'm still glowing with pride at the honour of it all. It's also a time to meet some of the guest speakers and guests of honour, and make new friends.

This year people were looking forward to meeting that battered old Polish hero Lech Walesa (pictured above, eating the first of many tulips), but for some reason he failed to show up. The reason? Unknown, but I surmise it was because it was his moustache waxing night.

Here are some other people who failed to show up to this year's EDEN conference, and the reasons why:

Gordon Brown (Has lost his way completely)
Steve Wheeler (Recovering from battle wounds)
Barack Obama (No he couldn't!)
Oprah Winfrey (Too busy Twittering)
Ashton Kutcher (Too bust recruiting his new Twitter followers)
Andrew Keen (Not keen enough)
Steve Jobs (Lost in cyberspace)
Bill Gates (Retired)
Tony Blair (On a lucrative lecture tour)
Kim Jung Il (Spent his airfare on rocket fuel)
Saddam Hussain (Suspended without pay)
Susan Boyle (Having another make-over)

For all those who are at the conference this year, have a great time, and don't forget to blog/tweet what is happening to those of us who are absent! Have fun!

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  1. Yes many people are missing but many are there. We are all looking forward to interesting speeches, sessions, meetings and chats.
    Thanks Steve for your presence here.