Tuesday, 16 June 2009

EDEN Dancing

Friends and partners in Gdansk long before the conference keenly recommended to invite to the conference dinner "Dedko Band" from Gdansk - an orchester playing cool music for lovers of dance. We did so and the result was frenetic indeed: the tradition of "EDEN Dancing" has been created and must be sustained at future events as well!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Farewell from Gdansk

After the closure of the Conference on Saturday, Eva, Gabor and me had a few hours to look around in the beautiful city of Gdansk. We have seen the stunning castle of Marlbrok, had a look around in the town center and had a great dinner. When finnally we unsuspiciusly headed towards our hotel, we bumped into a pageantry, where actors and dancers were telling the story of god Neptun creating the famous Polish drink, Goldwasser, by turning the founten water into vodka. At the and of the compelling show of the stilted dancers, a spectacular firework started. We were so delighted by the spectacle that we decided to share with you the video we made. We hope, you will enjoy it and this way we can transfer some of the feelings we had during standing on the bridge above the river Motlawa.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Session G4: Flexible Education for All: Open - Global - Innovative

23rd ICDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education including the 2009 EADTU Annual Conference were organized on 7-10 June 2009, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Some notes:
  • EADTU disseminates EU projects results via F2F seminars
  • "Pick up, reuse, transform"
  • Quality of e-learning
  • Recognition of qualification
  • Maastricht Message

Session F4: Designing for Tomorrow e-Learning....

Go to GLO tool, download and test.

Poster Session 5: E-learning for Special Needs

The most interesting discussion concerned seniors' training, intergenerational, cultural and social issues.
Some photos are here.

Plenary Session 2: Here and Now or Wherever and Forever.

Born in 1939 in Warsaw, Poland. Documentary and feature film director. Studied physics at Warsaw University and philosophy at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Graduated from Lodz Film Academy in 1966. Amateur film maker. His school diploma film 'Death of a Provincial' (Smierc prowincjala (1966)) won an awards in Venice, Mannheim, Valladolid and Moscow in 1967. Other early films made for TV include: 'Next Door' (_Za sciana (1971)_), Grand Prix in San Remo; 'Hypothesis' (Hipoteza (1973) (TV)).

Scriptwriter or co-writer of all of his TV and cinema films. Other early feature films: 'Structure of a Crystal' (Struktura krysztalu (1969)), which won in Mar del Plata 1970; 'Family Life' (Zycie rodzinne (1971)), which won in Chicago 1971, Valladolid 1972 and Colombo 1973; 'Illumination' (Iluminacja (1973)), Grand Prix in Locarno 1973, award in Gdansk 1974; 'Quarterly Balance' (Bilans kwartalny (1975)); 'Camouflage' (Barwy ochronne (1977)), Spiral (Spirala (1978)).

Mini Biography By: Zbigniew Pasek bigniew@engin.umich.edu